Norwood Public School
Grade 5
Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a rather isolated
volcanic island archipelago. 
They offer a wonderful way to study food webs and food chains. 
The Galapagos Islands have very high
Fifth grade students will conduct a study of a selected organism.
Then they will find out how it is
interdependent upon others. 
They will also look at the
needs this organism has and discover how this unique place meets these needs.
They will
extrapolate the result of changes in the island archipelago's climate.
Due dates will be found on the fifth grade homework web page.

The project has been subdivided into smaller tasks with intermediate deadlines. 
Tasks should be completed in the order they are given.

Select a species from the animal kingdom.  Select from the list found at this link; be able to explain why you are interested in the organism you choose.
Find its characteristics, its scientific name, a photograph and document your sources.
On which island does this animal live?
Describe the unique habitat this organism lives in and what it needs to be able to survive.  Obtain a map of this archipelago.  Create a way to show the islands on which your animal lives.  You must document your sources.
Is this species endemic? 
Be able to explain what endemic means.  You must document your sources.
What is the climate of the region in which your organism lives?
Explain the annual temperature variations, humidity, foliage, geologic features, global winds that affect your organism's living conditions.
What does your organism eat? 
Know the "food" your organism needs for survival.  Where is this food found?  (ocean, land, etc)
What food chain is your organism a part of?
What predator preys upon your organism?  What does your organism prey upon? Follow the food chain all the way to the Sun.
Make a mobile. 
The sun should be yellow and 15 cm in diameter.  The next organism on the food chain should be green and shaped like a plant leaf.  Add organisms to complete your food chain.  Colors and shapes will be given in class.
Prepare an oral presentation.
You need to present the above information to the class.  There will need to be photographs, diagrams and a note-taking sheet for other students to use.  Due dates will be given in class.
Create a list of important vocabulary.
There are important terms that must be understood to grasp the importance of your organism.  Create a vocabulary wheel for each student to define.

Resources (most can be found in Mrs. Snyder's classroom)

Kricher, John.  Galapagos.  Smithsonian Institution Press:  Washington, D.C., 2002.
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